5G-mMTC workshop 

February 21, 2024 

at the Canadian University Dubai,

CityWalk Campus, Dubai, UAE

Secure, end-to-end 5G platform to control your data and optimize your Industry 4.0 or smart city systems

Workshop schedule

09:00 AM   Introduction and Context (M. Vivien Raynal and Prof. Nadjib Aitsaadi )

09:10 AM   Secure end-to-end solution from sensors to Cloud (M. Vivien Raynal, Médiane Système, France)

09:25 AM   IoT needs in the utility landscape, from Smart Meter to innovative development (M. Vincent Audebert, EDF R&D, France)

09:40 AM   Revolutionizing Industries with Advanced Solutions (M. Eric Chassin du Guerny, Webdyn, France)

09:55 AM   Architect of tailor made IoT solutions (Dr. Sacha GUY,, France)

10:10 AM   4G/5G Network technology provider, (M. Karim Boutihane, Amarisoft, France)

10:25 AM   Micro software containers: a game-changer for high density IoT (M. Régis Latawiec, MicroEJ, France)

10:40 AM   Coffee Break

11:00 AM   5G-mMTC - Workpackage technical description and results (Prof. Nadjib Aitsaadi, UVSQ Paris-Saclay, France)

11:30 AM   Panel - Q/R

12:00 PM   Lunch/Networking