Camera Ready Instructions

Camera Ready Instructions:


If you have received a notification of acceptance email from the TPC co-chairs, please use the following instructions to prepare your final manuscript. Please note that:

1- Final Manuscript Preparation

You are required to submit your paper in two-column IEEE conference format, including text, figures, and references. Papers accepted for a specific type (Full/Short paper, etc.) should be reduced to the acceptable number of pages according to its type. Please double check the instructions in the Call-for-Papers on the conference website.

LaTeX and Word templates are found at:

Please address all reviewers’ comments and revise your paper before submitting your final manuscript. Kindly, make sure also that your paper contains no headers, and no page numbers. This information will be added by the editors. Finally, thoroughly, proofread your source document to confirm that it will require no further revision.

2- Checklist for the Final Manuscript Submission

✔️ Make sure that the paper’s title and author list exactly match your entries in EDAS. Please note that NO changes on authors are allowed once the paper is accepted.

✔️ Use IEEE PDF eXpress to check Xplore-compatibility and generate your compliant version. This is a mandatory step. Non-compliance might result in NOT having your paper published in the IEEE Xplore. Please refer to the following section‎ for details.

✔️ Upload the PDF eXpress validated version of your paper to EDAS.

✔️ Finally, complete the Electronic Copyright Form (eCF) through EDAS by pressing the sign next to the Copyright entry and following the 5-steps wizard, as depicted below. Note that for each accepted paper, a dedicated copyright form signed by the corresponding author is required.

3- IEEE PDF eXpress

Validate your PDF in PDF eXpress

Your final manuscript must be converted to PDF with compliant settings with the requirements of the IEEE Xplore digital library. To this purpose, the IEEE PDF eXpress plus web tool should be used. PDF files generated in a different way might not be IEEE Xplore-compliant and could raise an issue.

The instructions to generate an IEEE-Xplore-compatible PDF file using the IEEE PDF eXpress PLUS web tool are as follows.

Continue as instructed.

If you have some difficulties, please refer to the IEEE Support Center at